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Accident in the dunes hits UTV Industry family

I am writing as a friend and fellow off roader asking you all for a little help.

A good friend of ours and friend to the off road industry Scott Mears of (aka XMF) was involved in a bad accident with his son in Glamis two days before Christmas. We hear this time and time again and its always bad news but it really hits home when its someone you know.
Scott and his 15 year old son Andrew both wrecked in the dust, rolling their quads off a huge razor back. Both had to be med-evaced out of Glamis in separate flights which alone are going to cost thousands.

Both had to have surgery once flown to Arizona. Andrew (Scott’s son) broke both wrists, fractured both arms, and broke a leg to top it off. He had surgery to repair both arms and wrists, pins and plates have been installed. Scott blew his entire right knee out, suffering a torn ACL, PCL, MCL, etc… and also suffered a broken clavicle bone.

As you can imagine Scott feels terrible, he feels he led his son into this situation which we all know no one would ever intentionally do. He is in good spirits but the thought of his son being injured months before his 16th birthday really shook him up.

Now I know there always seems to be someone or some organization that needs our money, it is hard to keep up and most of us wish we could help them all. But like I mentioned when someone close to you gets into a situation like this you want to do all you can to help. Scott is someone who is dedicated to helping others out. He is at all the races and is always working his butt off to help his customers finish and win. The nickname I gave him on UTVUnderground is XMF PIT SLAVE because all he does is work work work on race weekends. The guy finally gets a vacation with his family and the bad luck bug bites him.

So if you can find it in your hearts and in your wallets this holiday season please donate a few bucks to this website that his been set up to help them with what is sure to be huge hospital bills.

Thanks Everyone, sorry for the long letter but I owe it to my friend to do all I can to help.
Joey D.

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