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5 Marys Farms

Carhartt-wearing, lamb-pulling, small-town business owner Mary Heffernan, her husband, and her four kids once called Silicon Valley home. It’s where they flourished as small business owners, Brian as an attorney, and planned to raise their four girls, all named Mary. Today,

5 Marys Farms

5 Marys Farms utilizes Can-Am Defender Max XT vehicles as part of their operations.

Mary leads the charge of marketing, packaging, and shipping ranch-raised beef, pork, and lamb across the country from their farm to their rural storefront and beyond.

No two properties, jobs, or days are alike. Defender is the flexible workhorse that adapts to anything in the way–mountain or molehill. Choose the Defender model to match your To-Do list…and your ambitions.

Can-Am Defender Max

5 Marys Farms

5 Marys Farm utilizes Can-Am Defender Max vehicles on the ranch as part of their day-to-day operations.

If you can dream it, Defender does it. Browse hundreds of factory-fit quality upgrades tailored to this SxS. From plows to cab kits, rear winches, tracks, and more–there’s never a dull day with a Defender.  Learn more.

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