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3.5″ Arctic Cat Wildcat Lift Kit now available from SuperATV

3.5" Arctic Cat Wildcat Lift Kit

Upgrade your Arctic Cat Wildcat with a SuperATV 3.5″ lift kit. This lift kit is an easily installed system that when used with stock tires and wheels increases your front and rear ground clearance 3.5″ on average. When combined with larger tires and wheels your machine becomes even more EXTREME.

Kit includes rear spring spacers and new upper front springs.

Specifications on Wildcat shown in picture:

  • 3.5″ front and rear lift
  • 28×10-14 Terminator Tires on Front
  • 1.5″ Wheel Spacers on Front
  • 28×12-14 Terminator Tires on Rear
  • 2″ Wheel Spacers on Rear

Wheel Spacers are not required to run 28″ Tires, but help increase handling and stability!

This product is backed by a Super ATV lifetime warranty.

Direct link: 3.5″ Arctic Cat Wildcat Lift Kit

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