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2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

Maverick Sport

Arriving with the most desirable and adaptable width for off-road environments, the Maverick Sport is engineered with a daring, precise and confident design to better equip trail enthusiasts in their terrain-conquering adventures. This thrilling family of Maverick side-by-side vehicles will tick the emotional needle further in the direction of pure enjoyment — no matter the end use.

At its very soul, sits a sturdy, rear-mounted 976cc Rotax V-Twin mill, one that delivers torque, proven reliability and the unique ability to simultaneously connect to the driver’s foot and smile at the same time. Buyers can choose between an unflinching 75hp Rotax 1000 engine or the intense 100hp Rotax 1000R. Large air intakes, an oversized radiator and a Donaldson airbox come standard on both, but the 1000R variety includes the larger airbox from the Maverick X3, a unique exhaust line and muffler, an additional CVT intake and the same CVT driven pulley from the Maverick X3 for more dynamism.

The Maverick Sport family’s engine is mated to a CVT type transmission with QRS (Quick Response System) that includes P/R/N/H/L ratios ideal for trail performance. The CVT also features Electronic Belt Protection for peace of mind. A hardy gear-on-gear rear differential and helical gear transmission is both durable and quiet. The Maverick Sport DPS models have Dynamic Power Steering and selectable Sport and ECO modes for precision control off-road. The package also includes a selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok QE (quick engaging) auto-locking front differential. The Maverick Sport uses a stable 90.6-in. (230.1 cm) wheelbase and a longer 120.6-in. (306.3 cm) wheelbase on the Sport MAX package to offers a spacious cockpit, enhanced ergonomics and improved ride qualities versus the competition. Additional luxuries include low seating and optimal front-to-rear weight distribution to generate predictable handling and ample ground clearance for a wide variety of terrain. A supple suspension setup, complete with a Double A-Arm front suspension, Torsional Trailing Arm (TTA) rear suspension and FOX 2.0 Podium shocks, improves the vehicle’s capabilities and handling without comprising comfort.

The Can-Am Maverick Sport family comes well equipped (starting at $15,299 USD / $18,599 CAD) from the factory, but with roughly 140 Can-Am accessories, owners can outfit it to their liking. The Maverick Sport lineup consists of seven packages, including the new Maverick Sport X xc 1000R as well as the returning Maverick Sport 1000, Maverick Sport DPS 1000, Maverick Sport DPS 1000R, Maverick Sport X mr 1000R, Maverick Sport X rc 1000R and four-seat Maverick Sport MAX DPS 1000R. The vehicles are available in various color schemes: White (base 1000), Can-Am Red (DPS 1000, DPS 1000R, MAX DPS 1000R) and the new Triple Black (DPS 1000R). Other new colorations include Triple Black, Hyper Silver and Can-Am Red (X xc 1000R), Iron Gray and Manta Green (X mr 1000R) and Carbon Black & Orange (X rc 1000R).

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

The all-new Maverick Sport X xc 1000R side-by-side vehicle ($20,199 US) comes factory-equipped for trail and woods riding with a 100hp Rotax V-Twin engine, a 64-in. (162.5 cm) stance, higher ground clearance, arched A-arms as well as improved suspension travel and high-grade FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 shocks. Dressed in a bold Triple Black, Hyper Silver and Can-Am Red finish, the newest specialty Maverick Sport package supplies owners with an ideal balance between power and agility, while being specifically designed to offer the ultimate trail riding experience.

When you’re riding at speed, balance is what separates legends from the laggards. The Maverick Sport X xc puts Smart-Lok with Trail Activ mode at your fingertips, a 100 horsepower Rotax 1000R engine at your back, and FOX 2.5 Podium shocks with QS3 adjustment to soak it all up.

Sturdy Engine

The Maverick Sport X xc is equipped with a talented 100 hp 976cc Rotax V-Twin engine. The 1000R engine, optimized for sporty trail and desert situations, is placed in the rear of the chassis to produce a quiet, cool ride for the occupants. Along with reduced vibration, each power plant includes engine braking for enhanced control on the trail.

Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)

The Maverick Sport X xc includes the single-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system that is tuned for both low- and higher-speed trail riding.

NEW Smart-Lok – Full lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically controlled automatic modes for trails

The electronically controlled front lockable differential system with Smart-Lok technology ensures maximum traction and enhanced slow-speed maneuverability especially in challenging terrain. The Smart-Lok system, developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, takes integrated intelligence to new heights and allows on-the-fly adjustments. The differential can lock and unlock on the fly no matter the speed, letting the driver focus on the trail. Smart-Lok offers intelligent modes for different riding conditions. The brain controlling this industry leading technology is the Front Differential Module, gathering input from six key vehicle parameters. It analyzes front wheel speed from both sides, steering angle, accelerator pedal, gear position, engine torque and vehicle speed. Depending on the readings and the Smart-Lok setting, the actuator will instantaneously initiate the locking of the front differential. The result is simple steering output (same as being fully open), allowing the driver to accurately conquer varying obstacles while maintaining momentum.

The driver has the option to select between four modes: 2×4 / 4×4 fully locked / 4×4 TRAIL ACTIV and 4×4 TRAIL. The preset TRAIL ACTIV and TRAIL settings were strategically calibrated to supply a more customized feel to match to specific terrain, conditions and demands.

Intelligent throttle control (iTC) with Sport / ECO modes

The maintenance-free, throttle-by-wire system (iTC) teams with a large volume throttle body to produce smooth throttle delivery even if the driver’s foot is bouncing due to the terrain. The Maverick Sport X xc have a selectable Sport mode, which offers a fast throttle response for quicker trail driving, and ECO mode for a smoother ride with a more filtered power delivery. The system also includes and Electronic Hill Descent Control for improved performance.

Strategically placed and oversized air intakes

Located behind the seats above bed, the oversized air intakes supply the engine and CVT with clean, fresh air for optimal performance.

Oversized radiator

A large radiator keeps the Maverick Sport X xc running at optimal temperatures even in the most challenging terrain.

Donaldson airbox

The Maverick Sport X xc is outfitted with a larger Donaldson airbox to ensure the Rotax engines are continuously receiving optimal amounts of cool, clean air.

Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with Electronic Drive Belt Protection

A high-performance QRS CVT transmission includes Electronic Drive Belt Protection to alert the driver when the vehicle should be in low range. We paired the sturdy engines with a stout transmission to ensure unmatched dependability and toughness when the Maverick Sport X xc takes to challenging terrain.

The CVT with QRS is designed to provide smooth, precise power delivery as well as predictable deceleration. The CVT was outfitted with appropriate ratios to deliver optimal torque for the Maverick Sport X xc and includes gear selections for P / R / N / H / L. The system includes integrated electronic belt protection for reassurance out in the sticks. The gear-on-gear rear differential means increased responsiveness and less required maintenance. The helical gear transmission, combined with the CVT’s rearward location, ensures a quieter environment for the occupants.

Intensified Can-Am DNA

Influenced by the Maverick X3 X ds packages, the striking Maverick Sport X xc wears its own coloration to match its unique design.

Elevated ground clearance

The Maverick Sport X xc vehicle has a 15-in. (38.1 cm) ground clearance to accommodate varying trail conditions, especially where high clearance is mandatory. Its raised stance and off-road posture ensure top-notch performance without limiting range of sight.


ErgoPrint X-package seats

The Maverick Sport X xc vehicle’s ErgoPrint seating has been enhanced with X-Team colored accents for a refined look. The seats feature a sports car-like design for optimal support and weight distribution.

Seat belts options

The Maverick Sport X xc includes standard 3-point seat belts and is also ready to accept 4- and 5-point harness systems.

Easy to accessorize

With more than 200 total Can-Am and partnership accessories available for the Maverick Sport family of side-by-side vehicles, owners can customize their vehicle–even when already pre-built for serious trail riding—to whatever level they desire. Available items include bumpers, graphics, racks and roofs. Installation is designed to be quick and easy, especially when using Can-Am LinQ accessories

Double A-arm front suspension with sway bar and FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 shocks

The Maverick Sport X xc 1000R includes an arched double A-arm front suspension package, with 14.75-in. (37.5 cm) of suspension travel. Premium FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback with QS3 compression adjustable shocks improve the handling and performance in difficult terrain.

TTA rear suspension with sway bar and FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 shocks

The arched Torsional Trailing A-arm (TTA) rear suspension, complete with a sway bar, provides 14.75-in. (37.5 cm) of suspension travel and wears FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback with QS3 compression adjustment shocks to deliver outstanding comfort on the trail.


Enhanced protection

The Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R offer increased protection for both occupants. Like the other Maverick vehicles in the family the X xc package includes the unique-and-unyielding cage, integrated front bumper and full skid plate. Protection also includes a stout Hyper Silver cage, premium half doors, beadlock wheels and capable 3-point seat belts.

Superior grip and control

Premium looking 14-in. (35.6 cm) wheels and Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires with a versatile tread design that delivers both a comfortable ride and strong off-road grip.

7.6-in. digital display

Features the larger digital display for quick information gathering. Features include: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip and hour meter, fuel, gear position, SPORT/ECO modes, seat belt, diagnostics, clock, battery voltage, engine temperature. 

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R

7.6-in. digital display

Can-Am LED signature

The Maverick Sport X xc vehicle also include the highly recognizable Signature LED front running lights giving it added charisma.

NEW Exclusive coloration and components

The 100hp Maverick Sport X xc 1000R comes in an attractive Triple Black, Hyper Silver and Can-Am Red.

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R Features

  • 100hp Rotax 976cc V-twin, liquid cooled
  • Smart-Lok – Full lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes (Trail Activ and Trail)
  • Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with SPORT / ECO modes
  • Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with Electronic Drive Belt Protection
  • Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) – 10-Gal. (38 L) of fuel capacity
  • Double A-arm front susp. / 14.5-in. of travel – FOX 2.5 Podium QS3 – TTA rear susp. / 14.5-in. of travel
  • FOX 2.0 Podium
  • 12-in. Aluminum beadlock wheels
  • 27-in. Carlisle ACT tires
  • 90.6-in. of wheelbase
  • 64-in. width
  • 15-in. ground clearance
  • 1,428-lbs. dry weight
  • Profiled cage
  • Adjustable driver’s seat
  • ErgoPrint seats with color accent
  • 2-in. hitch receiver
  • Front 55 W reflectors with LED Can-Am signature
  • 7.6-in. digital display
  • Half doors
  • Triple Black, Hyper Silver & Can-Am Red painted color
2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R Specifications

2020 Can-Am Maverick Sport X xc 1000R Specifications

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