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UTV Truck Rack Review

UTV Truck Rack


I have a short bed Ford F350 Super Duty and long travel UTVs that won't fit in the bed. Even if they would fit in the bed, I don't like the rear tires riding on the tailgate.

I had seen snowmobile and ATV truck racks before, so hauling a UTV on a rack above the bed didn't seem too crazy. I wanted the rack to handle a UTV with a max width of 74".  At that width, it would  be capable of handling an Arctic Cat Prowler with a +6" long travel kit.  And that should be plenty.

Bob over at Roggy Enterprises happens to be in my next of the woods so I swung by to see what he thought.  This is what we came up with.

The deck size is 106" x 76" with a usable platform of 104" long x 74" wide.

Truck Rack for Rhino, RZR, Teryx, Prowler and Ranger

UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack
I had mine covered with Line-X instead of powder coat.

TorkLift Camper Tie Downs  TorkLift Camper Tie Downs  TorkLift Camper Tie Downs
I installed a set of TorkLift Camper Tie Downs to the front of my truck.  These are frame mounted so you don't have to worry about the UTV rack moving in your truck bed.

Other Photos:

UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack 

UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack  UTV Truck Rack

UTV Carrier for your pickup truck bed  UTV Carrier for your pickup truck  UTV Carrier for your pickup truck bed

Truck Upgrades

Air Bags

If you are looking to haul a UTV in the back of your truck, I would suggest installing a set of air bags on your truck so you can make sure the truck is level and the ride is firm. Air bags are installed between the frame and the suspension and are designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability and ride quality of your truck.

Air Bag Helper Springs
Air Bag Helper Springs from Firestone

Tie Downs

If you are going to use a rack in the bed of your truck, make sure it is securely fastened. Once you put a UTV up on top and hit a few bumps while turning, you will see why.  I did not trust relying on a few straps attached to the factory tie down hooks. It is not that I worried about the straps breaking.  It was more that I did not trust the factory tie down hooks fastened to the sheet metal in the bed.

People have been dealing with a similar problem with slide in campers for years.  The best solution I found was a set of frame mounted tie downs. This not only gives you a solid point to attach, but also moves the tie down location out to the edge of the rack where it is most effective in controlling movement.

Torklift Tie Down


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